Society of Awesome Goddess

The Super Secret Society of Awesome Goddess is a society of goddesses who are awesome. We meet in secret and do awesome things. You can't tell anyone of our existence or we will lose some of our awesomeness.

Yeah right, as if we could ever be less awesome.

Did I mention we are awesome?

All members are invited to guest post on my blog where I pledge my undying love and devotion to them.

Let's meet the members:

Her guest post: Bacon vs. Sausage

Her guest post: It's Genetic


  1. How does one become a member of this secret society? Is there a test? Do you need a blood sample? Does it cost more money than a pound of bananas?

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  3. OMG....I am in the same society.....I wrote a blog about the F word for mature is chapter one
    Chapter One: Secret Society

    I have been on Facebook for about a year. I have very mixed feelings about this bizarre form of communication. Firstly, I made a profile because I started a secret group called 'The Secret Society of Crazy Broads'...not old....crazy. And this was our special place to go to correspond eg. where should we go for wine?...your place or mine? and post pictures of our beautiful selves. It is a closed group and the administrater (that would be me) got to choose who the worthy members were. Problem is, I was disulsioned by facebook for a time, so in my attempt to erase my profile, I erased myself as the administrator to the secret society instead. Since, I am the only administrator, no one else can invite me back into my secret group...not even the worthy you see I am very versed in this new communication tool.


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